What do you do Aliya?

I teach art classes!

I organise and teach Art Classes in Madrid: Find me on MeetUp here.

My Students, 16th November 2019

I teach yoga!

Find my Facebook page here, my MeetUp here, my YouTube channel here and more Yoga Details here.

Yoga Studio, One on One Classes – Madrid

I sell my own art!

Have a look at my pieces for sale here. You can also find me on Etsy here.

My Logo

Who are you Aliya and what is your background?

The Who – El Quien: ANSWER HERE

What are you doing on this Website Aliya?

The What – El Qué: ANSWER HERE

How are you doing this project Aliya?

The How – El Cómo: ANSWER HERE

Why are you doing this Aliya?

The Why – El Porqué: ANSWER HERE

How can I be featured on your website?

Artist and Venue Submission Form: APPLICATIONS PAGE